Catalogs Go 3D!

The beauty of the world of emerging and/or digital media is not only in the creation of new forms of media that allow marketers to communicate, and consumers to interact, but it is also in the merging of both worlds – traditional and emerging media. When marketers are able to strategically and creatively merge both the traditional forms of media and emerging media using modern day technology, such marketing strategies push the envelope even further and go to show that no one marketing tactic is the master of all; instead when strategically combined, creatively executed and flawlessly implemented there is an opportunity for magic to happen in the way consumers respond, which ultimately means success.

An example of such a magical union between traditional and emerging media will be the recently announced Toys ‘R Us annual holiday catalog, “The Great Big Toys ‘R Us Book of Awesome” which in addition to the added pages will for the first time also include interactive virtual reality elements on some pages. According to the announcement made via press release today, the holiday catalog will be released alongside an app game called The Geoffrey Shuffle, through which consumers especially kids can view in 3D some of their favorite toys within the catalog, while also playing the game of finding Geoffrey the giraffe and other characters hidden within gift boxes. When viewing the toys in 3D, kids can see a 360 spinning view of the toys and intricate details which they would typically be unable to see in a regular catalog. See the AdAge link below for a video of how the 3D pages of the catalog would look:

The combination of both catalog and a game/app allows Toys ‘R Us to tap into the power of direct marketing by connecting with multiple target audiences which includes kids who are excited to flip through the pages of the catalog to make their holiday list of presents, and the parents/grand-parents who will be shopping for those holiday presents. Also taking advantage of the viral and interactive nature of digital media by getting kids to further engage with these desired toys and the Toys ‘R Us brand beyond just the pages of the catalog by playing the game on their mobile devices, and reminding them about how much they want the physical toys. Post the holiday season it will be interesting to see how much of a lift this marketing approach adds to holiday sales/revenue generated for Toys ‘R Us.

What are your thoughts on the 3D catalog? Is this something that you think other brands would begin to adopt?

Hello June

Happy New Month everyone! Hoping that this month brings with it lots of blessings and opportunities, and that we all prepared to take on those opportunities when they come knocking.

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